4 advantages of using a wedding designer

The main role of the wedding designer? To imagine, design and implement the decoration of your wedding.

The job of wedding planner is often confused with the one of the wedding designer. However, they are indeed two separate professions.

There is often confusion between these two professions. This is why we are going to enlighten you and tell you without further delay what is the role of a wedding planner and wedding designer.


Wedding planner or wedding designer?


Brides and grooms use a wedding planner to organize their wedding.

On the other hand, when they hire a wedding designer it’s for the decoration part of the wedding. The objective of the wedding designer is to design a decoration according to the desires of the couple while taking into account their budget. We also talk about wedding scenography.

And yes, weddings have evolved in recent years. And through decoration, couples want to tell a story. This is why the wedding decoration is no longer a simple decoration but a real scenography.


4 advantages of using a wedding designer

hire a wedding designer paris
Coordination : Ceremonize – Scenograhy : Kahina Events – Photographer : Daria Lorman


1- To save time

The design of a scenography requires a lot of time. You are not organising a Christmas dinner! No! You are organising your wedding …. and you won’t be 10 attending! It requires a lot of organisation. You’ll have to look for elements of the decoration, to check them, to chase them, to ask for estimates and especially to find the good partners.


2 – To have less stress

By using a wedding designer everything will be under control. Indeed, it is not you who will face some technical problems that may occur and that may interfere in the implementation. The wedding designer will take care of the unexpected.

The setting up of a wedding decoration is often an underestimated aspect and thus generates
stress. Indeed, managing everything on your own requires real physical activity. You have to handle, install, assemble, carry, hang up and of course, tidy everything up after the wedding reception.


3 – For a controlled budget

The wedding designer will be able to propose you a decoration according to your budget. The choice of materials and flowers will depend on your budget. The wedding designer is there to supervise the different technical aspects, centralise the purchases according to a dedicated charter, and even avoid unnecessary purchases.


4 – For the guarantee of a harmony in all the elements of decoration

To hire a professional for your wedding decoration is the guarantee of a harmonisation of this one.
Indeed, the wedding designer will think about every detail of the day, creating a common thread. From the bride’s bouquet, the boutonniere, to the decoration of the ceremony, the reception, not forgetting the essential photobooth, candy bar or signage. Everything will be thought of as a whole.

advantages of using a paris wedding designer
Coordination : Ceremonize – Scenograhy : Kahina Events – Photographer : Daria Lorman

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