Valentine’s Day : the ultime guide

Valenine’s day, the lover’s party special day is right around the corner and you don’t know what to do, wear or gift for that special day? Here is the perfect guide for that.


1. What to do for Valentine’s Day:


Parisian date night tips:  

Have a Parisian date night, what is better than a date in the most romantic city in the world. You can go see the Eiffel Tower, the Alexander III bridge, the famous “pont des arts” and go eat at the Girafe Paris restaurant and have a spa date in the Ritz later on the night. Maybe, you can take advantage of this unique moment to proposed to him or her… 


Valentine's day, the ultime guide. The perfect date night in Paris

Write loves letter to each other: 

You can write love letters to each other, a cute way of telling what you love about each other and marks the day with a special note. We are used to the phones and all the technical devices and it can be good to change things up and have a paper that you can cherish a lifelong. 


Take mixology classes for valentine’s day: 

Consider taking mixology classes for that day, perfect day to spend time together and try a new experience, a super activity that will help you for the many other date nights. 


Restaurant with concept: 

Yes, this is classical to go to the restaurant for valentine’s Day but we propose you a slightly different option, an insolite restaurant. You can try a restaurant with a concept like eating in the dark, one plate menu, built-in ice, in an igloo etc. 


2. What look choose for Valentine’s Day:


A special valentine’s day look:

You can plan a simple and basic outfit but add a touch of “valentine’s day” on your nails and opt for a French manicure with heart tips (red, pink or white) or any natural color nails with kisses on one of the nails. 

You can also go for a bright red lipstick and an eyeliner or a graphic liner red, pink or purple and go for a nude lip. Don’t forget about highlighter to add a glowy look effect.

As for the valentine’s day outfit look:

For the outfit, we will recommend wearing something cute, feminine maybe red or pink for this special date. The outfit will depend on what is your style and where is the date obviously. You can go for a monochromatic look or a little pop of color. Or, you can do something completely different and chill and not the traditional valentine’s day outfit.


 3. What kind of gifts for valentine’s Day:

You can give whatever your partner will love and not a special “valentine’s” gift. A piece of jewelry, a week-end away, a spa date, album photos stay always a good idea. Do not forget about flowers and chocolate that is a must for this day. 


Valentine's day, the ultime guide. The perfect week-end away in Paris



PS: of course, you are not mandatory to do something for valentine’s day, there is no rules. For the single ladies, you can always do a Galentine’s! day if you want. 

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