New visual identity

At the beginning of the year 2022, the Ceremonize team wanted to send you its best wishes and by the same token communicate on its new visual identity.

Indeed, there is no better time to make new resolutions. So, we decided to communicate you the 3 main resolutions that shape Ceremonize’s identity.


 I) Unique


Since 2009, our house, specialised in the organisation of high-end weddings, has been working with passion and finesse to make the wedding of your dreams come true. With our new brand identity, we wanted to recreate a space in which you feel confident and where you can easily project yourself. The pastel colours establish a form of natural softness, the one that characterises us. We put this energy at the heart of your project to advise you, accompany you and coordinate your wedding, unique by its singular history, whether it is funny, original or even unexpected. It is this exception that we are keen to enhance. Because your wedding must be like you: unique, authentic and magical. It is not easy to transmit such a pure emotion to your guests, a simple mistake in timing and the magic will stop working. You can understand why we pay so much attention to detail. We propose to accompany you in your exceptional wedding, and to support you in all the logistical and organisational aspects thanks to our tailor-made planning. Because you owe it to yourself to live each magical moments of your wedding to the fullest.

In this photo, a bride and groom kiss tenderly in the streets of Paris.

 II) Prestigious

Excellence is not an option, but rather a guarantee of our quality that we have refined over time. We make it a point of honour to put our expertise at your service and have done so since 2009 by surrounding ourselves with the best service providers. Our address book meets very strict criteria of excellence. No field is spared: the most refined gastronomic restaurants, the most prestigious venues, artisans all equally devoted to their art (singers, musicians, chefs, decorators, photographers, magicians). We have deliberately chosen to limit their number to favour competence over-abundance.

Their methods have been carefully checked according to our previously defined standards of excellence. This taste for prestige is nothing new, on the contrary, we have simply decided to put a word on what we have been doing with so much love for years.

In this photo, a bride is being prepared by a team of make-up artists

 III) Serene


Serenity at all times. Indeed, it’s one thing to have “skills”, it’s another to be able to adapt to unforeseen events because that’s where the real talent of a wedding planner lies.

Our reactivity and expertise allow us to organize exceptional weddings in record time for those who want to live a love runaway or for the eternal lovers who start their preparations a few months in advance. We will accompany you from A to Z, so that you only have to enjoy the present moment and thus savour the most beautiful day of your life.

We are more than ever serene about the quality of our services, which is why we have chosen to be transparent. Our packages are detailed on our website with all the services they include.

In our DNA, we wanted to have a positioning that combines both the excellence of prestigious weddings and awareness of environmental issues. These two areas are closely linked. We favour local products, ancestral knowledge and traditions, all with finesse.

In this photo, a married couple exchange a knowing look .


We hope that you have enjoyed this article and that you will take the time to extend this little escapade by browsing the pages of our site. It is the fruit of 9 months of thought to offer you a content of quality adapted to your needs.



In this year 2022, we wish you to take the plunge and celebrate every moment of life with your loved ones.


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