14 random wedding tips

Several wedding tips for the brides and grooms to be out there: from the budget setting to the vendors’ selection and emergency kits you may have the need of. Fourteen random pro tips about wedding planning to organise your Big day perfectly. Read also our 25 unconventional yet amazing wedding ideas to get even more tips about wedding planning and to go the extra mile.


1. Book providers in advance:

Book everything in advance or at list the biggest things: venue, caterer, DJ’s etc. Those are the vendors who tend to be unavailable the fastest.


2. Outdoor venues? have a backup plan:

Have a backup plan if you plan on having an outdoor venue. We are never too prepared, and it can start raining even during the summer time so be prepared and set a backup plan.


14 ramdom wedding tips


3. Set a budget and prioritize your wants:

You have to make sure that you have a budget more or less big but that meets completely your needs and wants. If you don’t have an unlimited budget, you must prioritize from what you cherish the most and what you can pass by without being hurt.


4. The guests List :

When planning your guest list, you want to considerate who are the people who you really want to get married with and not feel obligate to invite someone whether it is family or “friends”.


5. Out-towners guests:

Take care of the guests who lives out of town or if you chose to have a destination wedding in Paris for example. Make sure to plan accommodation options, a city guide etc. or even go further and take custody of it.


6. Keep people in the loop:

Install a group chat on wattsap or a website if you want, where you can update your guests and can group wedding information’s in one place so that it is easier for everyone.


7. Hire a wedding planner :

Selecting a wedding planner will help you a lot in the wedding organization and will let you be more focused on your loved ones and be less stressed. Contact us if you want more information on wedding planning.



14 random wedding tips- the blog


8. Music sets the mood :

Music does set the mood! Be conscious of what type of music and mood you want to bring to your wedding and what will set the scene on fire. You can also hire musicians (pianist, violinist…) during the cocktail ceremony for example.


9. Parties and hen party :

Prepare a party with your girlies and close friends so that you can enjoy a moment together before tying the knot. It is important to spend time with friends before the wedding far away from the wedding jungle.


10. Love the earth :

Try to remember about the earth when planning your wedding: go digital, have green or digital invitations, be careful with the materials you choose.


11. Have dancing shoes :

Prepare some “dancing shoes” so that you can truly enjoy the wedding and not be caught up with high heels and so, not be able to enjoy fully the dance floor.


14 random wedding tips- the blog


12. Prepare an emergency kit :

Emergency kit! Prepare a kit with all the necessary things you could have the need of; hair clips, hair ties, cream, mattifying wipes, plasters, medicaments, hygienic protections etc.


13. Keep one-on-one time:

Spend quality time with your partner and so, not only when talking about wedding planning stuff. Go on dates and make sure to spend time only the two of you and try not to talk about the wedding.


14. Discuss photography style:

Hire a photographer that meets your wedding style and aesthetic, it is so important. This is not because a vendor is great and good rated that he is a good match for your own wedding so make sure to have a look on his previous work and browse to see what vibe you are going for concerning your wedding.

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