Wedding tattoos

Certain brides want a traditional wedding, while others prefer to shake things up with a step towards the unconventional. Matching tattoos for the bride and groom are becoming more and more popular with couples who want a permanent memory of their big day.



Why not? Tattoos have a very strong symbolic meaning. Most people get tattoos at turning points in their life, to commemorate a certain memory or milestone. Tattoos have become more accessible over the past few years, prompting more couples to immortalise their union in ink. What’s more, the procedure itself allows the couple to spend a special moment together before the big day.




Over the past few months, we have seen traditional rings take a back seat to tattoo rings, to some extent. There are certain advantages to this; no more head-scratching over where you left your ring when you took it off to do the washing! However, the main draw that this new trend offers is that it is completely personal. When you get your ring tattooed, you can choose a design that completely matches you as a couple – your wedding date, your initials, a special symbol that you share…it’s a symbolic commitment for life!




Tattoos aren’t reserved for rockers! Quite the opposite – we have seen a trend emerging over the last few years for discreet, minimalist tattoos. A future bride won’t ruin her wedding look with a tattoo, and the same goes for the groom. In fact, it’s perfectly possible to wear a wedding tattoo in an elegant, timeless way, much like a piece of jewellery. It is a very feminine option for the modern bride, so you shouldn’t hesitate to make a tattoo one of your bridal accessories. What’s more, your nearest and dearest will love to see your beautiful ink on the day of the wedding!

However, you must be careful to avoid fashion trends. Take time to decide on what you want for your wedding tattoo and talk it through with your partner. Never forget that a tattoo is for life, so make sure to choose a design that neither you nor your beloved will outgrow!

For those who are still sceptical, there are temporary tattoos available that will create the same effect for your big day!

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