A vintage wedding

For the past few years, the wedding trend has been vintage! From décor to clothing, the 50s and 60s are back with a bang, coming through in colour schemes, atmosphere, and a sweetly nostalgic air. It’s hardly surprising that future brides are being inspired by the past! Here, we round up some of the key trends for a vintage wedding.


How to create a vintage style ?

Today, we see the 1950s/60s as meaning pastel colours, and polka dots/stripes/chevron patterns…add these into the mix and you have glamour with a side of rock ‘n’ roll!


This starting point will help you shape your wedding decoration. To dress up your reception area, why not consider a candy bar, a buffet of sweet treats for your guests. An original idea that brings colours and a touch of childhood whimsy to your wedding…100% vintage!


Crédit photo : Cartoli'Nat
Crédit photo : Cartoli’Nat

In terms of décor colour schemes, focus on pastel hues (yellow, pink, turquoise) and don’t be afraid of mixing.

And last but not least, don’t forget prints! A little spotted table runner or striped paper straws will create a big effect.



Vintage look for brides

As far as vintage clothing styles go, it’s nothing too complicated. For the bride, the first thing to do is choose your era: are you feeling more 1950s in a backless number with a voluminous skirt, or 1960s in an elegant pencil dress? More and more bridal designers are launching their own vintage collections. For shoes, why not opt for a coloured pair if your dress is white, and don’t forget the bows!

For the groomsmen, a three-piece suit with a tie or bowtie would be perfect. Here, it’s all in the details: your hairstyle (coiffed up or slicked to one side?), the shoes…

For your bridesmaids/witnesses, it’s not difficult to keep everyone happy. Whether you’re shopping in-store or online, more and more vendors are becoming vintage experts and you won’t be stuck for choice.



Some ideas for the big day :

  • You could serve your drinks in retro glass bottles (such as old milk bottles, or mason jars) with a patterned paper straw. Minimal effort with a huge effect.
  • Vintage signs, vinyl discs, and prints are becoming popular décor choices
  • Why not open up the dance floor with a little rock ‘n’ roll for your first dance? It’s sure to raise a smile, and will be a big surprise for all your guests!
  • As far as music goes, you could opt for a vintage or rockabilly group for a part of the night. Live music always adds a nice touch.
  • Make your way to the party in a vintage car!




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