The 6 Reasons why French wedding is so trendy

Many couples dream of eloping to a faraway destination where they can exchange their vows in the presence of friends and family!
If the idea of hopping on a plane and getting married somewhere else than your hometown appeals to you, then, we’re embarking on this article to give you 6 reasons why many couples choose a destination wedding in Paris, your fabulous French wedding!


1. To have an intimate French wedding

If some couples choose to have a destination wedding, it is very often because they are looking for intimacy by inviting a handful of people. These guests are the people closest with the bride and groom. They wish to share an unforgettable day and live a unique and precious experience.

On this picture, a married couple shares a moment of complicity and tenderness
Planning : Ceremonize – Photo : Elena Usacheva

2. For a unique destination wedding

A wedding abroad or not must be a day filled with emotions! Your wedding is a unique day, you must know how to play on the originality. That’s why destination weddings are so incredible for you and your guests. Nobody wants a cookie cutter wedding. Ceremonize organises a wedding ceremony that reflects your image with a unique atmosphere and style.

In this photo a married couple kisses and toasts in a prestigious Parisian restaurant
Planning : Ceremonize – Photo : Elena Usacheva

3. For the love of travel

If you’re planning a destination wedding, it’s because you’re usually avid travellers. So, would the celebration of the most beautiful day of your life and this travel be the best combination?


4. The budget

If the bride and groom can afford to organise more than one wedding, it is simply because they are less than a large wedding. Organising a wedding for 150 or 20 guests obviously changes the deal!
Logically, when you have a wedding in Paris, you don’t need to worry or compensate for a venue, because the city of Paris is now your wedding venue. Moreover, since you are few, it will not require the organization of an extraordinary reception in the size but in the quality.

5. To spend time with your guests

Organising a wedding in small group allows you to spend precious time with your loved ones. It is also an opportunity to refocus on the essentials, without being distracted by all the little things that can sometimes interfere with the preparations. On this day, time passes too quickly, that’s why it is so important to share these precious moments with your guests. Intimacy is also an opportunity to be more personal during your exchange of vows, and to be able to pronounce your oath without worrying about the gaze of those present.


6. Paris is always a good idea

In this photo a married couple are beaming with happiness for their Parisian wedding
Planning : Ceremonize – Photo : Thomas Blariau

If you love romance, if you have always dreamed of discovering this city full of wealth and love, then think no more! You don’t need any other destination than Paris to get married…. which we remind you means love and romance.
So, could there be any other idealistic and charming place to elope than Paris?

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