Real elopement in Paris with a few relatives

Eloping means run away just the 2 of you to get married somewhere. But for some of you, it’s not conceivable to elope in Paris without your closest family and friends. That’s what did S & J. They came in Paris with their 2 daughters and 6 guests.

Now you know. It’s possible to elope in Paris with a few guests if you feel like you can’t do otherwise. Our Paris elopement packages can suit up to 15 people in total.

S & J chose our Passionnément package to offer a great experience to their guests. We of course managed a suitable transportation for them. As they wanted photos at fallnight with beautiful lights, we advice them and organise differently the day.

Here is their interview.


paris elopement ideas photos


Why did you decide to come in Paris for your elopement?

Our decision began with the NFL Football games being help in London, Justin’s favorite team, the Chicago Bears, were playing Sadie’s favorite team, the Oakland Raiders.  We originally though about getting married in London, but decided why not get married in the most romantic place in the world, Paris.  We searched online for elopement packages and organizers, when we found Ceremonize.


paris elopement at night
Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photo :Ludovic Ismael


Why did you chose Ceremonize to organise it?

Ceremonize’s elopement packages were perfect, we did not know exactly what day we were going to get married or even how many guests were actually going to attend.  Virginie was great at communicating and keeping in touch with every decision we make and every change we made too.   The packages she offered were perfect and flexible, from transportation, flowers, hair/make up, pictures, help with dinner selection and great communication.  She provided everything and we didn’t have to worry about anything! After looking at her Facebook page and Instagram, we were sold, you can tell the attention to detail she provides for every couple.


elopement paris fallnight


Tell us a bit more on how was the planning of the ceremony?

Having a 9 hour time difference did not make planning difficult at all, Virginie was so helpful and would be in contact constantly.  She was so patient with me, I would not respond to her email immediately and would actually forget due to a busy schedule with kids, school and work, and she would send an email reminder to keep me on track.  I appreciated it so much!  Time or distance did not matter in wedding planning.


elope paris with kids


How did you live your wedding day?

Our wedding day was perfect, we didn’t know what to expect but our expectations of a wedding were far exceeded.  With 6 adults and 4 small children, you can imagine what it is like to take pictures, keep a group together and navigate emergency toilette breaks with the little ones.  Ludovic’s pictures captured our day perfectly, our smiles and our time together as a big family.  After we went on our picture tour we made it to the park across from the Eiffel Tower, there was a big concert about to happen and we managed to have an intimate wedding together at sunset amongst everything else that was happening around us.  Our officiant was so sweet, and conducted the ceremony so beautifully.  The ukulele singer had the most beautiful voice and we loved the songs she sang.



elope paris packages
Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photo : Ludovic Ismael


elopement paris city lights
Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photo : Ludovic Ismael



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