Our best wedding wishes for 2022 and 2023


We wanted to share with you once and for all our recommendations for the year 2022. The topics we cover are not particularly cheerful, but necessary to make your wedding the best it can be.

The covid is one of the major sensitive subjects, the section dedicated to it will be regularly updated so that you can refer to it in the best way.


We invite you to optimism at the beginning of this year, when we all want to make good resolutions.


  1. My wedding, I won’t postpone it anymore

Maintain, postpone or cancel? The choice is particularly difficult when you lack visibility.

We bring you some tips to avoid it. If you prefer an intimate atmosphere, the micro-wedding or the elopement (a love affair which consists in getting married together in love) are made for you.

Finally, for those who wish to maintain their majestic wedding without sacrificing anything, you could add a few small options to ensure that everyone can attend the most beautiful day of your life.  Doing a live broadcast is an opportunity for you to keep unforgettable moments of these moments without losing a single bit and to share them with those who could not come for various reasons.

If it is impossible to avoid postponing, here is what we advise you to do. First of all, you will have to establish a dialogue with your spouse to think about the best time to get married. Secondly, contact all your suppliers to know if they will still be available at the new wedding date. Once you have reviewed the situation with all of your suppliers and have redefined the terms of the new contract together, you will only have to announce the news to the guests. These tasks can be particularly tedious. It will always be more reassuring to be accompanied and advised by the expertise of a wedding planner.

On the picture, a bride is wearing a beautiful bouquet of red roses on her back


  1. The alignment of the stars

Believe it or not, things are looking up. We can assure you that the prestigious venues and service providers are in the starting blocks to make you live the wedding of your dreams.

We advise you to take the plunge if you feel ready to get married! Indeed, the situation is still relatively calm concerning the prestigious places that can welcome you to celebrate your wedding.Indeed, the covid has changed our daily life and we had to adapt to all these changes.  However, we note that some prestigious places are taken by storm until the year 2023 because of the various postponements. We encourage you to place yourself and choose your date so that our entire team can be at your disposal to allow you to realize your dream and conquered all the obstacles.

Our teams are more than ever mobilized to highlight your moments of joy.We are all aware that it is essential that your celebrations be perfect, and this, even more, after the ordeals that we have all overcome.  The joy will be greater, the party more beautiful.


  1. Your wedding will be unforgettable

Since the end of June 2021, we are out of the successive curfews and confinements thanks to the vaccine policy.

So if we were to end on a more positive note, we would say that the Covid will have taught us to enjoy even more the moments of life by inviting us to redouble our imagination to appropriate the different rules as if it were a game. In all circumstances, marriage proposal, wedding, anniversary, there are a thousand and one ways to show your love to the loved one. For these years to come 2022 and 2023, we encourage you to realize your wildest dreams. Don’t back away from anything for your dear and sweet husband/wife or fiancé(e) because these treasures are priceless and the whole Ceremonize team is committed to accompany you in this process.

On the picture, a newly married couple is dancing in front of the Louvre pyramid


Do not hesitate to contact us  and we will remain at your side more than ever.

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