How to celebrate like a real parisian: wedding Edition

You want to celebrate your union with your partner and you want to do so with the French charm? Here is how to get married in Paris. You will know what to eat, what style to adopt, which transports to use and do everything like a real Parisian. Paris is known for its charming and elegant feel. If you love the French charm, you must use certain codes.

1. How to celebrate like a real parisian:

If you don’t have a wedding dress yet I will recommend you having a dress (chosen according to your taste obviously) simple, noble materials and without many details. Close fitting or not, whatever! You just must be simple and chic looking.

Parisians dream about a wedding with clear tons, refined decorations, a lot of flowers, candles and leds. She will choose organic materials too for her wedding. She will have a drinking bar prepared for her guests with great quality alcohols, buffet food or a classic menu like everything else at her wedding.

You must think about your guests’ intolerances and beliefs and propose vegetarians and vegan meals. It can be easy to do damages during a wedding and abuse of plastics, food waste and abuse of meat. There are ways to do better and limit the waste and aftermaths.

It is a wedding destination so it be good to think about the day after and have a brunch. The perfect moment to enjoy the last time with your guests before enjoying your time in Paris with your now husband or wife.To keep the good old French charm,we will recommend you rent traction cars via one of our providers “old timers” and enjoy the old-fashioned type of cars.

Old-fashioned cars: how to celebrate like a real parisian
Wedding planner: Ceremonize Photographer: Solene Lagant

2. Some tips to have a fun wedding in Paris:

Here are some tips that you can integrate to your wedding for more magic and chic. The veil is an accessory essential to your wedding attire. If you want to pimp it you can embroided it after your names, date of the wedding, a cute quote that you two loves or a verse if you are believers.

You can also do fun facts napkins, an original and cute way of helping the guests learn more about your love story.

Finally, you can take a Jenga and ask your guests to write their vows on it, a unique way of replacing the wedding guest book. You just must find a cute spot to put it on it and that’s done you started the wedding season the best way possible.

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