Bachelorette trip: how to plan a bachelorette trip?

The bachelorette party is part of the most important things to take in consideration when you decide to get married. That is something that can be really overwhelming for some people. A responsibility often given to the bridesmaids. We found you three different programs that you can follow for a bachelorette party in Paris, no matter if the bride needs adventure if she is more like wanting to party while it is still possible or if she is more in the chill team. What to do?


A bachelorette trip full of adventure:

That bride will start the day with a good brunch in Paris at the Maison Sauvage which is a good place located in the 6th borough. You can eat some healthy and still gourmand food. If you go there, you must try their Acai Bowls. That brunch is the right address if you want something different, not the best view of Paris but the food there is worth it trust us.

After this delicious brunch take off and go fly over the city of love, Paris. Fly through the best spots such as the Eiffel Tower, Versailles’ Castle etc. You can enjoy this activity to take a dose of adrenaline for 2 hours straight and forget about your problems that only exists on the ground. That experience is possible thanks to the Helipass company where you can schedule a tour whenever you want.

It is now time to go get a drink at the cocktail bar that is top trending here in the 18th borough of Paris, Ice Kube, known to be the only bar built in the ice in Paris, yes you read it right, in the ice. A crazy experience perfect for a bachelorette Party.

All of it before following the night in a Greek restaurant in the heart of the 8th borough named Kalamata. They offer a large selection of meals in a convivial atmosphere. It is even possible to break the dishes at the end of the service, as per the Greek tradition. It can be the perfect way for the bride to let down all the stress and the anxiety that she may have.


A bachelorette trip on party mode:

You think that the bride dreams about a bachelorette party where she can dance the night away on a yacht, have a drink and a luxurious brunch? that program is made for her. The day will start with a good brunch a bit luxurious with one of the best views of the capital, Girafe Paris (you must book it). An amazing location for a good brunch with a close view on the Eiffel Tower. Who cannot be happy to start the day with a good brunch?

Cocktail worshop in Paris for a bachelorette party
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The early afternoon can be relaxed for the bride that needs to chill out before getting lit on the night. After that, you can go to the Grands Boulevards hotel in the 2nd borough of Paris and participate in a cocktails workshop. It can be a great idea for the bride that needs to have fun before the big wedding without doing the classic bar crawl and hiring a strip-teaser.



To enjoy the famous French’s appetizers, gastronomic meals, dance and a crossing of Paris (Eiffel Tower), excellent to take photos and enjoy the night away with her friends  you can book a Yatch on VIP Paris‘ website. To extend the party until the morning, you can rent a limo online on the 123limousine website to have fun all night long and get around the city easily (the champagne is even free).


A bachelorette trip perfect to chill:

The third one is also our personal favorite because it is the most chill and relax program for a bachelorette trip. We suggest that you start your bachelorette trip at the Atelier Geneviève, which is the first and only coffee-ceramic in Paris. A spot where you can at the same time brunch and personalize ceramic articles it can be a coaster, a plate, a vase or whatever you want. The perfect occasion to enjoy a calm moment among friends and start the day the best way possible. Enjoy this moment to chill, create and eat with friends.

If you are not pumped about this workshop, you can also take the time to create a flower arrangement during 1 or 2 hours at Rive gauche Paris. To follow through you can take a salsa class to be more prepared for the big day and surprise the groom, fun I would say. Discover Salsabor and make your first steps there. It will be a pity to end here your bachelorette trip, that’s why you can go do a karaoke night at BAM Karaoke, it will make the day even funnier, and this karaoke chain is available in many Parisian districts.

You can enjoy the many facilities that are available in your hotel and use the pool, do a massage, a hammam all of it is perfect to chill out in the best conditions possible.

If it is not it for you, you can also read our last article about the hen party and find out even more different ideas.







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