4 Inspirational themes for your French wedding

Many couples are inspired by the springtime hues of pastel colours and flowers. However, there is no single inspiration and we invite you to discover the most beautiful decorative combinations with traditional and more contemporary elements. Here are our four new ideas to inspire your own spring wedding theme.

1) Tropical inspired wedding decoration

We all associate spring with the warmth of sunny days.  Almost giving us a taste of summer. Tropical inspirations are becoming a popular theme for spring weddings. However, it is important to avoid clichés and to avoid mistakes in taste. For example, fake torches, synthetic flowers or using sand and shells in profusion.

For your wedding decoration on the tropical theme, you can play with bright colours such as fuchsia and turquoise. As for flowers, use exotic orchids, arum and tropical leaves. They will bring infinite joy to your tropical wedding decoration.

2) Spring hues for your decoration

The spring theme is much deeper than it seems. Indeed, this season is the season of rebirth of flowers and wildlife. We invite you to think of your wedding décor as your growing space. Feel free to incorporate details of your personal history and how you would like to build your home. This can be reflected in your choice of flowers. If the first flowers your lover gave you were tulips, why not create a floral arrangement with a dominant tulip theme.

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3) Elegance and sobriety at your French wedding

Sober and chic, even though spring is all about bright and colourful hues, black is still a great ally in your wedding decor.  Black hues – charcoal, onyx, obsidian, raven and ink – add a sober atmosphere that is inspired by the still life theme.  Indeed, the décor immerses guests in an almost timeless space where the focus is on your elopement, the emotions. Black or burgundy taper candles, smoky black wine glasses and matte black cutlery all bring a beautiful tone to an otherwise table top filled with more typical spring hues of ivory, blush and pink.

4) Our tips for a timeless wedding decoration

In this frantic quest for novelties, we sometimes forget the classics, namely the traditions. A little back to basics is often more beneficial than it seems.  Classic elements such as the unconditional black and white groom’s suit. The theme of your wedding can also be based on your origins and thus combine the customary with the traditional. This can mean flowers from your country of origin, fabrics, etc.

The themes are varied, only one really corresponds to you and Ceremonize makes it a point of honour to help and advise you in the organisation of your authentic wedding


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