Wedding destination in Paris – Activities for your guests to enjoy beyond the wedding

When planning a wedding destination, you must make sure that you plan some activities and a plan for the 3-4 days or the weekend ahead. Guests must have an idea of the planning before packing to prepare their outfits correctly and so they can also adjust their own planning to the wedding planning.


1. Plan a welcome party:

Plan a welcome party! Your welcome party doesn’t have to be a huge, extravagant affair. It can be a pool party, a yacht day, beach picnic, a small themed party etc. The point is to gather your guests together, welcome them and give them a teaser of the weekend ahead.


2. Set up a scavenger hunt:

Send your guests before the destination wedding on a digital scavenger hunt by creating a list of multiple wedding moments for them to capture with their phones, such as: the newlyweds kissing; someone cheering; a group selfie etc. Not only does this give your guests a fun activity, you’ll end up with even more pictures at the end of the day.


3. Prepare activities:

Enjoy a tour of the city or the island where you chose to get married, you can also take a hike, go snorkeling, boating, try live painting or tarot card reading. This way, you and your guests can enjoy more time together and enjoy beyond the wedding day only.


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4. Take a mixology class:

Heading out on a mixology class can be a great planning destination wedding activity idea to keep your loved ones entertained. Mixology classes are great for even the grumpiest of wedding guests J and it is actually a great idea for your guests to meet up and learn more about cocktails etc.


5. Taste test the gastronomy:

Guests will be excited to experience the culture and traditions of your wedding destination, so don’t miss a chance to showcase that whenever it’s appropriate especially if you come in Paris, gastronomy here is a must try ! You can maybe hire some local entertainers for a surprise performance at the welcome party or the wedding’s cocktail hour.


6. Give time for your guests to plan some things on their own:

Wedding and especially weddings abroad can be really time consuming for your guest and a lot demanding. This is why it is good to let them have space in their planning so they can enjoy time on their own and beyond that let them the choice to do the activities you planned or no.

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