Tuileries’ garden for your wedding ceremony

Paris, the city of love is a destination of choice for all your destination weddings and the most gorgeous one in our eyes. If you want to organise your wedding in Paris don’t hesitate and contact us here so that you can enjoy our expertise, savoir-faire and our love for paris.


1. History of the oldest french garden :


The Tuileries garden takes its name from tiles which were where Catherine of Medicis had the Tuileries palace built in 1564, which has now disappeared. This garden is a place for culture, and walks for the parisians and tourists where we can also see statues like Maillol, Rodin or Giacometti. From june to august you can also go to the Fête des Tuileries which is a theme park.

This garden is surrounded by the Louvre palace, Rivoli street, place de la concorde and the seine. He is the most important and old french garden of the capital, he is now classified as a historical monument since 1914 and heritage of UNESCO


Cassandra & Hayden post-wedding photoshoot at the Jardin des Tuileries



2. Weddings at the jardin des Tuileries :


The Tuileries garden is a place of choice for all the romantic shootings, weddings ceremonies and wedding photos. It is a place full of greenary, symbol of Paris and of the french culture and magnificient. It offers a stunning view of Paris and the architectural savoir-faire, perfect for your elopement ceremonies.

The tuileries Garden is considered one of the best naturally beautyful and private parisian photo spots. The secluded walkway ( surronded by alleys of trees on both sides) is an ideal marriage proposal setting when you desire privacy.


This garden is not your typical garden, this is a really gorgeous place which represents Paris in all its beauty. If you want a wedding destination in Paris to be in a place that truly represents Paris, you have to consider getting married or doing your photoshoot post ceremony at the jardin des tuileries. This place is just a one of a kind, a place where you can get married in public and also feel at peace as if you were only two there.

There, Lisa & Michael did there photoshoot after the ceremony for example.




3. Fun facts about the jardin des Tuileries :



  1. Before 1677, royal gardens anywhere in the world where not accessible to the public. The king Louis XIV, got so frustrated with the parisians going in and out of the garden so he left the Tuileries- Louvre Royal residence and go to Versailles.
  2. The Tuileries has been used to display art and sculpture like Rodin’s statues.
  3. There are two other contempory museums in the garden: musée de l’Orangerie which is an art gallery with impressionist paintings and the Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume which offers modern an post-modern photography media.


Infos: The garden is open until 11pm in june, july and august but you have to leave the garden 30 minutes before it closes.

Itinerary: Pyramides (7,14), Concorde ( M1,8,12), Palais Royal (M1,7), Madeleine (M8,12,14), Opéra (M3,7,8)

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