A gorgeous elopement with a stunning Eiffel Tower view

1st of October 2023 marks the start of a beautiful new life for Alyson and Gracious. After celebrating their engagement with their friends & family, the two lovebirds felt like they needed this moment to be just for them.


Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photo: Solene LAGANT

After meeting in Detroit, Alyson and Gracious fell head over heels for each other over a cup of cocoa one beautiful Sunday evening. Last-minute trips together for work, a move across the country, milestones that brought them closer together…the inseparable pair decided it was time to say YES, in beautiful Paris.

Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photographe: Solene LAGANT

The location of their elopement in Paris wasn’t chosen at random: Gracious had never visited the city of love, and Paris was the last wish of Alyson’s late-abuela, so it was essential for her to get married across the Atlantic.

And that’s where we at Ceremonize stepped in!

” Alyson and Gracious, why did you choose Ceremonize to organize this important day?

 Virginie was extremely accommodating, easy to contact and we both felt like we could trust her with our vision and this intimate ceremony. “

Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photo : Solene LAGANT

” How was the planning?

Planning this ceremony was the easiest process with Virgine. It was such a treat when she visited my husband and I all the way in San Francisco and walked us through the schedule and plans for our wedding that was two months away “

Actually, Virginie meet Alyson & Gracious in San Francisco while she was on a summer family vacation. It was a great moment to share with them and explain them how things would take place. This is usually something we do when couples arrive in Paris, but Virginie felt like it could be great do to this 2 months before as the opportunity was here.  Sharing ideas and preparation progress with the couple was essential during this planning process.

Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photo : Solene LAGANT

On D-day, it was very important to make sure that the timetable was respected, to avoid any pressure for the bride and groom, and to give them time for themselves.

“Alyson, Gracious, how was your wedding day, how did you live it?

Our wedding day was absolutely beautiful. It was filled with love, laughter and happy tears. If my husband and I could go back in time and relive our wedding day, we gladely would. We were both extremely relaxed.”

After the magnificent ceremony, the sun shone brightly, allowing the newlyweds and their photographer to shoot all afternoon in carefully chosen locations.

Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photo : Solene LAGANT

By the time they came back, had dinner and realized what had happened today, it was time for Virginie and A&G to say goodbye.

Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photo : Solene LAGANT

Long live Alyson and Gracious

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