Destination wedding in Crete

Ceremonize arrives in Crete! After 14 years of experience organising weddings in Paris, we’ve decided to cross borders and conquer the island of Crete.


The founder of Ceremonize got married there:


Virginie, founder of Ceremonize’s agency has herself, organised her wedding there several years ago.

She fell in love with this island, the landscapes it offers, its strong culture, its gastronomy, and it is naturally that she wanted to offer the same unforgettable experience to her clients.

At Ceremonize, we only want to organise exceptional weddings, experiences that spouses and guest will enjoy and will go beyond their expectations.

Organising a wedding abroad can be a real headache. We’ll be delighted to accompany you and put our experience and savoir-faire to work for you to organise your exceptional weddings.


Your weddings in Crete with Ceremonize
Photographer : Ludovic Ismael Wedding : Ceremonize


1. History of Crete Island :


Crete island is located in Greece and was once called « île de candie » it has been part of Greece since 1913. This is the largest Greek island and the 5th largest in the Mediterranean Sea.

Crete is also the cradle of Minoan civilisation and Cnossos is the heart of the most important archaeological site. The island has a rich and fascinating history that you can see when visiting the island, every villages has a history to tell and it is now your time to tell yours.


Ceremonize in Crete
Photographer : Ludovic Ismael Wedding : Ceremonize


2. Why a destination wedding in Crete ?


This Greek island offers incredible landscapes that attracts each year, couples to get married. This sunny island is known for its breathtaking archaeological sites, beaches, gastronomy and unmatched culture.

There is a ton of reason that leads couples to seal their love in an idyllic setting full of charm and romance. That place is completely different from our lovely Paris but as incredible. If you want to, it is in Crete that you will organise your dream wedding.


3. Civil weddings are recognized in Crete:


It’s also good to know that it’s possible to get married in Crete, whatever your nationality. Organize your wedding in Crete at the town hall, in a venue, a secular or religious ceremony as you wish. Getting married legally in Greece is possible for all EU citizens and most countries in the world, and is also recognized as an official marriage in your home country.

There are, however, a number of administrative formalities to be taken into account before you can get married there, but don’t panic, we’re here to help you too.

U.S. citizens may marry in Greece in a civil ceremony, a religious ceremony, or both.  You don’t need to reside in Greece to marry in Greece, but the bureaucratic process to obtain a marriage certificate can take several weeks, we help you with the planning your obviously but also with the documents required to get married in Greece; in avenue or in a town-hall.


Weddings in Crete
Photographer : Ludovic Ismael Wedding : Ceremonize


4. Traditional greek wedding in Crete :


As well as all the different landscapes Crete has to offer, it’s also full of wedding traditions.

One of these is that the names of all the bachelors are inscribed on the soles of the bride’s shoes, the most erased name at the end of the wedding celebration  is supposed to be the next bride to be and will have the ring on her finger soon.

In Greece, it’s usual to break plates during a wedding, as this is synonymous of a successful celebration: the more plates broken, the more successful the party was.


Weddings in Crete - legal requirements
Photographer : Ludovic Ismael Wedding : Ceremonize

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