The ceremony follow the traditional format that can be adapted to your wishes :


There are also places where you two (or one of your guest), if it’s your desire of course, might read texts.

The ceremony lasts around 15 minutes, give-or-take 5 minutes.

Please fill the below questionnaire to help us personnalise your elopement

Passionnément Questionnaire

To personalize the ceremony here are a few questions :

Would you like to exchange rings?
Would you like to read you own vows?
Would you like to sign a symbolic document during the ceremony?

Could you please tell us, if you do not mind of course, a little bit about yourselves to personalize the ceremony text?

The ceremony

Your wedding outfit

If you already know the brands. Just for our information, as we are curious 🙂
Brand of bride's Attire
Bridal dress
Bridal jewelry
Bride's shoes
Bridal accessories
Brand of groom's Attire
Groom's suit
Groom’s shoes
Grooms accessories

Your bouquet

You can also send pictures of the bouquet you like as inspiration
Types de fichiers acceptés : jpg, jpeg, png, gif.


For the hairstyle please wash your hair the day before (not on the D-day).
You’ll of course discuss a long time on the D-day before starting
Don't hesitate to share a photo of your desired hairstyle to give a rough idea to the artist
Types de fichiers acceptés : jpg, jpeg, png, gif.


Good to know: before starting make-up, you'll of course have time on the big day to chat with the make-up artist. Remember to moisturize your skin the night before.
Would you like false lashes ? (extra of 15 Euros)
Don’t hesitate to send pictures of your desired makeup to give a rough idea to the artist.
Types de fichiers acceptés : jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
Please send us a picture of you (Bride)
Types de fichiers acceptés : jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
Do your guest want to have their makeup done by the make-up artist ? (extra of 90 Euros / guests)

Ukulele singer option : Two songs to choose for the music of your ceremony

One for the beginning
One for the end of the ceremony

Violonist option : Two songs to choose for the music of your ceremony

French Music 🎵 La Vie En Rose (Edith Piaf ) 🎵 La Boheme (Charles Aznavour) 🎵 L’hymne au Amour (Edith Piaf) 🎵 Champs Élysée (Joe Dassin) 🎵 Hier Encore (Charles Aznavour) 🎵 L’amour est un oiseau rebelle (opéra Carmen) 🎵 Valse d’Amelie Poulain (Yann Tiersen) Pop - Rock - Music 🎵 Viva La Vida (Cold Play) 🎵 Paradise (Cold Play) 🎵 Clocks (Cold Play) 🎵 Cover Me in Sunshine ( Pink) 🎵 Lovely (Billie Eilish) 🎵 I Love You (Billie Eilish ) 🎵 Photograph (Ed Sheeran) 🎵 Thinking out Loud (Ed Sheeran 🎵 Perfect (Ed Sheeran ) 🎵 When I was Your man (Bruno Mars) 🎵 All Of Me (John Legend) 🎵Your Song (Elton John) 🎵 Angels (Robbie Williams) 🎵 Lost on You ( LP) 🎵 Adore You (Harry Styles) 🎵 Before You Go (Lewis Capaldi) 🎵 Lost Stars (Adam Levine) 🎵 Everything (Michael Buble) 🎵 Just the Way you are (Bruno Mars) 🎵 Happy (Pharrel Williams) 🎵Im Yours (Jason Mraz) 🎵93 Millions Milles (Jason Mraz) 🎵 Shallow (Lady gaga) 🎵Stay with me (Sam Smith) 🎵 Thank You For Love Me (Bon jovi) Classic Music 🎵 What a Wonderful World ( Louis Armostrong) 🎵 Cant Help Falling in Love (Elvis Presley) 🎵 She (Elvis Costello) 🎵 Spring (Vivaldi) 🎵 Le Cygne (Saint Sains) 🎵 Dust in the Wind (Kansas) 🎵 Phanton of Opera - All I ask of you 🎵Canon - Pachbel 🎵 Vivo per Lei (Andrea Bocelli) 🎵 Oh Sole Mio Films 🎵 Por Una Cabeza (Film Woman Parfum) 🎵 Never Enough (The Greatest Showman) 🎵 Can you feel the love tonight (Lion King) 🎵 Hallellujah (Shrek) 🎵La Vita è bella 🎵 Oblivion (Piazzolla) 🎵Beauty and Best (Film) 🎵 Cit of Stars (La La Land) 🎵 I Dont Wanna Miss a thing (Armageddon) Bossa Nova 🎵Velha Infância 🎵Garota De Ipanema 🎵Corcovado 🎵Samba de Uma Nota Só 🎵 Wave 🎵Eu não existo sem você 🎵Como é Grande o Meu Amor por você 🎵 Eu sei que Vou Te Amar 🎵 Gostava Tanto de Voce 🎵 De Janeiro a Janeiro 🎵 Ainda Bem 🎵 Como eu Quero 🎵 Por Onde Andei 🎵 Sozinho 🎵 Você é Linda 🎵 Pra Sonhar

Selection of restaurant

Is it for...
Would you like a private room or not ?
Some restaurants charge a privatisation fee, some not...
(if no idea, no problem at all!)
Do you have any food allergic or any specific diet ?
To give you an idea for a gastronomic restaurant it’s generally around 150-200€/personn. For a Michelin starred restaurant it can be much more (250-300€). For a classical french restaurant (without private room) the average is 60-100€

Your tour with a vintage car

Choice of the car
You can refer to page 12 of the brochure
Any pictures would you like to share ?
Types de fichiers acceptés : jpg, jpeg, png, gif.