Wedding trends for 2023 : our predictions

Every year and for every season there are different trends coming up and it can be really hard to keep up and sort out what is really trending now and what you truly love and is not just the popular thing to do now. 

1. Trendy colors for a 2023 wedding: 

The trendiest colors for weddings in 2023 are mainly evergreen so a mix of green and grey, soft blue, really really bright colors like orange and rust color palette (terracotta). Overall, pastels colors and brigght colors are trending right now. We can’t forget the color of the year pantone which is magenta.

Sur cette photo, nous voyons une mariée accompagnée de ses demoiselles d'honneur dans des tons pastel


2. Trendy dresses for 2023: 

As for the dresses, the dresses that are really trending are these with puff sleeves, corsets and nontraditional attires.  Having a 2nd dress for the reception party, often mini is really trendy too.

For the bridesmaids’ dresses, we saw that they tend to wear floral dresses where before we were waiting for them to wear cute but simpler dresses without patterns.  This year we have more freedom to dress up like we want and not in an as formal way as it was years before. Bridesmaid mix matched dresses are in.


3. Bridgeton inspired weddings: 

Bridgerton is a Netflix original Serie that takes place in the 19th century. Many people loved that Serie and want now to recreate the scenography. They have dresses that are composed with corsets, puff sleeves, feathers, colors and patterns.  If you want a Bridgerton wedding we will recommend you having soft blue details, a lot of candles, gold accent and play with the old and new. 


4. Intimate weddings: 

With the COVID situation we are now used to have more small and intimate weddings and even If COVID situation is getting better, the wedding trend is now at small receptions. You marry in front of your immediate family or even just your partner and you.

You get married and celebrate love only with your close circle and don’t feel obligate to invite others and don’t have to have a big budget to celebrate your love. Having more intimate moment at your wedding like reading your vows in private or having a solo last dance is really what 2023 is about.


5. Destination elopement: 

Destination elopements are also a big trend for this year and the year after surely because of COVID too. You marry in a city you love like in Paris (we can organize it for you) or on a secret beach in Hawaii, wherever you want. It can be perfect to switch things up, get married in a place you may have dreamt of for many times now and capture the moment of your lives in a magical destination.


6. Eco-friendly wedding:

We hope that this trend will be

a forever trend and we will never treat the planet earth like we once did because she is dying. There are many ways to help the planet out even for a wedding. You can choose a 2nd hand wedding dress, rent it or buy dresses made in your country, choose a caterer that use only seasonal products etc. That will help the planet without your wedding looking cheap or anything. 


7. Decorations trend for 2023 weddings: 

The trend is at dried flowers and fresh greeneries where even two years ago these were considered as a “no” for a wedding. You can also do some unique wedding arches with flowers which can be a good guest entrance, a photo shoot spot and perfect for a more charming look.

Another decor piece really trendy right now that can change a whole look is those acrylic decors. 


8. Wedding Food trends in 2023: 

Instead of the big wedding cake that always goes to waste you can go for mini cakes which are cuter and perfect for one person so the wastes are reduced. For food, you can also use the food truck idea which is really nice; guest loves it and is a great and unique way of serving food at weddings. 

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