Walita and Ryan’s real elopement in Paris

They directly came from Washington a few days before their big day. Their first time in Paris!

They were so thrilled and excited to see the Eiffel tower. It was where the ceremony was supposed to take place! But since they wanted to keep the surprise of discovering the Iron lady on their big day, we then suggested them some touristic areas from where we were sure they couldn’t see the Iron Lady. They also promised to keep the eyes closed if ever they would be driven close to her!

Their first look with the Eiffel tower was perfect!


Walita and Ryan were also very lucky. They arrived in Paris just right on time during the blooming of cherry trees. So we decided to propose them a spot for their ceremony  where we could both see the Eiffel tower and being under a cherry blossom!

They trusted us to organize their elopement in Paris, and we are very thanksfull of being part of their big day. The happy couple chose from one of our elopement packages. They then could enjoy photos during the preparation, a tailor-made bouquet, the ceremony of course, a photo session in Paris after the ceremony aboard a vintage car and a selection of 3 restaurants made according to their wishes and budget. They finally choose a gastronomic restaurant situated near the Champs-Elysées.


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Why did you decide to come in Paris for your elopement?

Walita :We came to Paris because as a young lady, I (Walita) have always dreamt of getting married in Paris. When we started dating, I told Ryan that this is what I had always wanted–it’s the city of love, such a romantic place! Ever since the day I told him that, Ryan would always say “I’m taking you to Paris!” “I can’t wait to take you to Paris!”; I would think he was just joking…. clearly he was not 🙂


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Why did you chose Ceremonize to organise your ceremony?

We chose Ceremonize because of the overwhelming number of positive reviews online. After receiving the first response from Virginie, we knew we would work with her. It was very evident that she was passionate about her work and wanted to make our big day one to remember.


How was the planning with Virginie ?

Planning with Virginie was wonderful; she made the entire process very easy. Never once did we have to wonder if things would come together, she made it clear that she had everything under control. After telling her our vision, she pulled all the details together seamlessly. She gave us much confidence, even planning from another country, because she was very professional, organized, and let us know from day one that she would do everything she could to make our dream come true–and she did!


How was your wedding day ?

Our wedding day was beautiful! Ceremonize did not miss a beat. You can see the love shining bright and great happiness in our pictures. We truly had a fairytale experience, and would do it again, a million times——-we absolutely loved it!


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