Unique wedding favours

It’s a longstanding wedding tradition that the bride and groom offer their guests a small gift as a thank you for attending and a memento of the big day.


Traditionally, these gifts were small bags of sweets. But what if you fancied something a little more original?


A photographic gift


To ensure that your guests never forget your wedding, organise a photo-call, along the lines of the photoshoots that stars have when they arrive at a big event.

original ideas of wedding favours
Coordinator : Ceremonize – Photographer : Daria Lorman


Find a suitable backdrop – either a plain drape or a sheet printed with your names and the date of your wedding – and invite guests to strike a pose, either with you, their spouse, their family, or on their own. This is also a great form of entertainment during your drinks reception.


There are also excellent selfie machines on the market that print your images immediately.


A themed gift


For example, at a Brazilian themed wedding you could give guests a personalised pair of flip-flops, printed with your initials or your wedding logo. If you’re having an exotic wedding, why not fill little baskets with spices and vanilla pods?


If you’re planning your wedding in Paris, Eiffel Tower keyrings would make a charming memento of your guests’ trip!

original ideas of wedding favours
Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photographer : Fred Porez


A heritage-based gift


So say you or your spouse are Brazilian – even if it’s not your wedding theme per se it’s always nice to show people your roots. For example, a panama hat. Or say you were Canadian – a bottle of maple syrup would be a sweet gesture. It adds a touch of exoticism to your day as well as giving your guests something interesting to take home with them.

original ideas of wedding favours
Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photographer : Celine Scaringi

Now you’re ready to choose a truly original wedding favour!


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