Tiff and Nick

Two months before they arrived in Paris, Tiffany and Nick (coming straight from Australia) reached out to us to help them organize their elopement.


They chose to escape in the city of Paris, just the two of them, and they confided us the organization of this getaway.

Our “Passionnément” package was perfect for them. They also added the bride preparation including hair and make-up. We discussed with the couple, as we usually do, in order to learn about their needs regarding the ceremony, the photo itinerary in Paris and the timing. We also got to know them better, so we could write the ceremony in a more personalized way.


A few days before, we sent them the precise program and, obviously, we doublechecked with the providers. Even if we are not physically there the given day, we are monitoring from backstage, verifying that everything goes as planned (long live unlimited texting). In other words, that the car arrived well, that the flowers got delivered, that hair and make-up were done on time… It is only after we receive the last message (usually sent by the photographer) saying that everything went well that we feel relieved. Let us reassure you, everything went smoothly for Tiffany and Nick. They even agreed to do the following interview with us.

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