Elopement near the Eiffel Tower

Paris, the city of love is a destination of choice for all your destination weddings and the most gorgeous one in our eyes. If you want to organise your wedding in Paris don’t hesitate and contact us here so that you can enjoy our expertise, savoir-faire and our love for paris.


1. History of the most famous french monument:


The Eiffel Tower is a metallic struture conceived by the french engeener Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel for the universal exposit in Paris 1889, organised to commemorate the centenary of the french Révolution.

This high tower of 312 meters was built in the heart of Paris in only 2 years. The tower became one of the symboles the most famous in the world, an iconic symbol of the french ingenuity and the Paris’ history celebrated in the pop culture, litterature, music and films. A staple monument for the tourists around the world looking forward to visit the city of lights.


Amy & Jordan doing their post wedding photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower


2. Why get married near the Eiffel Tower :


The Eiffel Tower became a symonyme of love and romance. Each year, thousands of couples do their proposal in front of the tower. It’s unique design, the twinking lights that change colors every 5 minutes and the amazing view of Paris makes it a popular place to propose.

Thousand of wedding proposal takes place each year on the Eiffel Tower. It is a symbol of romantism and has been a place for numerous proposals for a long time now.

When we think about Paris we think about the Eiffel Tower (after thinking about cheese and baguette) and this is exactly why this spot is so popular for ceremonies in Paris. In fact, having the Eiffel Tower as a background for your wedding photoshoot and films is so great. For that, you have several options; you can get married at the Esplanade du Trocadéro, at the Quai de Seine or at Avenue Camoens which offers one of the best view on the eiffel tower and so without being to crowded.


Amy & Jordan doing their post wedding photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower


3. Fun facts about the Eiffel Tower:


  1. With 7 millions of visitors every year approximatively, the Eiffel Tower is the monument with charge the most visited in the world.
  2. In 2007, Erika Labrie, an american former soldier got married to the Eiffel Tower after falling love, for real.
  3. Every day, the Jules Verne restaurant attends an average of 2 wedding proposals.
  4. Numerous famous couples got engaged at the Eiffel Tower such as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.


Infos :

Prices: From 5 euros to 28 euros

Métro: M9, Trocadéro, M6 Bir-Hakeim, M8, École Militaire.


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