Nicole and Clayton’s Paris getaway, just the two of them

Nicole and Clayton handled us the organization of their Paris getaway. Since they don’t like to be the center of attention, they preferred to come just the two them in  that suited them. We had a great time accompanying them during this year of preparation.

Wedding vows in one of the most beautiful French garden of Paris
Planning : Ceremonize – Photo : Elena Usacheva

They got engaged in Las Vegas on September 12, 2016, in front of the beautiful fountain show of the Bellagio hotel. To reinforce the symbolic of this engagement and officialize their union, they chose to celebrate it on September 12, 2018 in front of the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris.

On this particular morning of September 12, the hairdresser and make-up artist were taking extra good care of Nicole in the apartment that the young couple had rented for their stay in Paris.

In the meantime, Clayton, once ready, was waiting for his sweetheart. He couldn’t wait to join her.

When the ancient car arrived in front of the building, it was time for Nicole to join her future husband.

The bride and groom discovery is always a strong moment in a wedding day. Look at those two lovebirds!

The ceremony was very intimate, under a bright and shiny Parisian sun.

Then it was time for the happy couple to make some romantic pictures around Paris. A moment dedicated for the two of them only, where they could be guided around the city and have a blast!

Although we offer packages, they can be entirely customized. But most of all, we try to provide a real tailor-made assistance. In other words, the timing of the ceremony, the place and the format are not imposed. Same thing for the picture tour that is not prepared in advance. We like to build the itinerary with you according to your needs!

The lovely couple chose to tell their experience with us through this testimony.


Bride and groom kissing in front of the cathedral Notre Dame of Paris
Planning : Ceremonize – Photo : Elena Usacheva
We can see a romantic married couple in front of a car of collection
Planning : Ceremonize – Photo : Elena Usacheva
We can see a bride and groom in front of the Iron Lady in the capital of love
Planning : Ceremonize – Photo : Elena Usacheva

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