Leanne & Julien symbolic ceremony

We are normally hired as wedding planners, but it was our officiant services that tempted Leanne and Julien for their wedding on Saturday 2nd July 2016. They said “I do” under the eye of our officiated founder, Virginie Mention. They kept it simple with their secular ceremony, which took place in the great outdoors and featured lots of touching stories about the couple, such as how they had met 19 years earlier… This beautifully simplistic wedding was emotional in all the right places, and unfolded under the most glorious sunshine.


décoration lampions

Our team was waiting for the couple to finish their civil ceremony, under trees adorned with grey and pink lanterns. A white carpet awaited the bride and groom, and a small pebble was placed on each guest’s chair. The ceremony was full of surprises.


The guests arrived in dribs and drabs and then, around 5pm, the couple made their entrance. It was a somewhat difficult walk down the aisle for the young couple, as it was clear that their 3-year-old son really didn’t want them to get married! So they entered as a threesome, Leanne in her beautiful white dress, Julien in his smart suit, and their little one, exhausted and inconsolable after such a long day… Luckily, Grandad was on hand to help and was able to calm his grandson down. Only then could the ceremony begin, with the guests more amused than anything else.


décoration rituel

Acting as officiant, Virginie announced to the guests that they should write a word, phrase, or thought for the bride and groom on their pebble. Each pebble would later become part of a special ritual.


Leanne and Julien listened to Virginie as she told the tale of how they met, and it was as touching a love story as any romantic movie. While holidaying with their parents in Brittany, Leanne and Julien met on the beach, and they have been together since. The story was followed with speeches by their parents and witnesses. It was incredibly emotional, and we all went from laughter to tears within minutes.


Then the bride and groom took the reins and carried out their pebble ritual, which they had conceived as a totally personal and unique way to celebrate their marriage. They had brought with them a large vial of sand from the beach in Brittany where they first met. Then, they asked their guests to come and place their pebbles, complete with their messages for the bride and groom, in the sand. This symbolic gesture brought the couple’s nearest and dearest right into the heart of the ceremony. But that wasn’t all. Continuing in the symbolic vein, the couple’s two young children each came and placed a flower in the container, which was a lovely way to include them in the service. Then, the couple each lit a candle and placed it in the sand to round off this beautiful ritual.

décoration rituel


We told you it was a surprising and emotional day


Once they were pronounced man and wife, Leanne and Julien, happier than ever, headed off to enjoy a cocktail or two with their nearest and dearest, prolonging the celebrations for a few more hours.


We wish them every happiness for their marriage, and a rich and prosperous life together.

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