How do you include kids in a wedding?

If you have kids at your wedding, it is important to include them into this party. Of course you will not ask them to do the same as you do. These little human are not adults, and they cannot dance past 4 am or drink alcohol.

However, they have a lot of energy to spend so be creative about the activities that you will propose.


Flower children down the aisle
Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photo : Maxime Cerniglia


  1. Which activities can you propose to include kids at your wedding?

Kids will be delighted to be part of your wedding. You can suggest some manual activities like drawing, painting, create some bracelets to keep them entertain.

You can also prepare a special kids place with some beds for them to sleep if there are tired. Find another place to stay with many toys, books or costumes to play together.

You can prepare a beautiful kids table with some candy, some funny colors or a soft bar. They can act likes adults with the cocktail bar but for them it will be only soft.

It could be funny to include kids on your wedding ceremony. They can have a role to do like the ring security, the flower girls or boys. You can be creative to find something that will make your guests laugh while including children to your wedding.


chlidren with the wedding rings
Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photo : Maxime Cerniglia


  1. Is it possible to have a babysitter at my wedding?

If you really don’t want that the kids bother you with their whim, you can pay a babysitter. Her role will be to take care of the kids by proposing some activities (hide and seek, drawing, create a song to sing in front of the adults…). She will also be in charge of the meals. She will prepare the plate for the kids and helps them to eat if they need it. Furthermore, she can be like a guardian angel and stay with them during nap time.

The price for a babysitter is not fixed. It will depend on the number of children, their age and if she offers some activities.

Usually, a babysitter cost around 10 to 15€ per hour but if she suggests some fun activities to do with the kids during the wedding, it can be around 30 to 40€ per hour.


girls with the bride's bouquet
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  1. Organizing a party for children

If this is possible, you can regroup all the children at the same place (not where the wedding takes place) and pay a babysitter to keep an eye on them.

For example, an aunt who has a house large enough to accommodate all the children can share her house. In this case, all the children are together enjoying their time with music, candy and can make a huge sleepover together while the babysitter watch over them.


children drawing during a wedding
Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photo : Les Pensées Photographiques


  1. Is it common to say no kids at my wedding?

Saying no to the kids at your wedding is completely normal. You don’t want to spend money to have a babysitter for the children or you don’t want to worry about them and thus not be fully present at your own wedding. Nevertheless, for your guests, it could be expensive and sometimes difficult for them to find a babysitter. Sometimes if you want that everybody fully enjoy your wedding, you have to make concessions.


Bride & Groom with their child
Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photo : Virgine Hamon

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