5 Good Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner for your Wedding in Paris

Budgeting, planning, contacting, calling, re-contacting, negotiating, researching, re-re-contacting, not finding anything, being turned down…


If you’ve just started planning your wedding, it won’t be long before you hit the ground with a bump! Especially if you are planning your wedding in Paris from afar and aren’t fluent in French!

The solution? Call a wedding planner!

But wait, you’re hesitant. You think, “why spend all that extra money?” Here are 5 good reasons to hire a wedding planner – you can’t put a price on this kind of assistance!


Avoid hiring a dodgy DJ

Every wedding planner’s secret? Their little black book. Get access to this, and you’ll have a list of tried and true vendors at your fingertips, saving you hours of long and tiresome research. Your wedding planner will be able to advise you on a venue that matches your wedding style, and save you from a caterer who can’t manage serving 150 hot dinners at once… With a wedding planner, it’s impossible to go wrong with your vendors. Think of the time you’ll save!


You won’t be living on pasta for the next 5 years

Entrusting a wedding planner with your budget is the best way to stick to it! You may even save money… Wedding planners know where to find good deals, how to negotiate with vendors, and are dedicated to finding the best cost/quality balance. They can advise you on how best to use your money, without running into unnecessary costs or missing any of the important details.


You can reach for the moon…

And even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars! Ask your wedding planner to help you create the Paris wedding you’ve always dreamed of! Are you looking for original ideas that will take your guests’ breath away? A wedding planner will always find that special something that will make your day something truly special!


Avoid any breakouts the evening before the wedding

Strangely enough, the closer you get to the big day, the higher your stress levels will be. To avoid putting your future husband in the doghouse a week before the big day, or strangling your mother-in-law who is insisting on your first dance being a waltz, think of taking on a wedding planner!

They will take on all the stressful things you don’t really want to do, leaving you to deal with the nice things (including your own wellbeing!) They will help calm your nerves when you can’t decide between carmine and Bordeaux for your candles. They can even act as a handy scapegoat (“I’m sorry, mother-in-law, but the wedding planner said so!”) And just like your best friend, they will comfort you in your moments of doubt…


Don’t spend your day behind-the-scenes

When it comes to the big day, your wedding planner will take care of everything!

They’ll cover everything from dealing with the caterer to welcoming the DJ, directing lost guests to fixing broken decorations and coming up with last-minute solutions… With such a discrete and efficient service, it will be like having a little mouse running around making sure everything goes according to plan! You will be free to enjoy your day, relaxed and smiling, side-by-side with your guests and savouring each moment.


Ceremonize, your wedding planner, is here to help!


Credit photo : Estudiodita

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