A very special parisian wedding in a beautiful townhouse

On Saturday 13th September 2014, Ceremonize made their way to the Boulogne Billancourt town hall for R and N’s wedding.

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This parisian gay wedding didn’t have any particular dress code (did somebody say “freedom”?) apart from the lovely witnesses (or wityesses, as our couple liked to call them), who wore coloured bow-ties. The moving civil ceremony took place in a charming town hall, in a room filled with happy and enthusiastic guests! Our grooms made their entrance to the sound of cheers and applause, under the eyes of their closest friends and family. Add a few pretty poems, a touch of humour, and a side serving of emotion, and you had the perfect marriage ceremony.


When leaving the ceremony, our grooms were whisked into a truly original flurry – the guests tossed sycamore seeds! These little propeller-shaped seeds spun effortlessly through the air like helicopters, before landing on the ground (bringing a moment of pure joy to all the guests!) Our newlyweds took a few quick snaps on the town hall steps before flying off to their reception. It was a sunny afternoon, and everyone was more chilled out than stressed out. What more could you ask for?


When our grooms were having their couple photos taken, the witnesses snuck in the rest of the guests to prep them for the flash mob they had planned (shhh…it was a surprise for the grooms!) Meanwhile, the Ceremonize team slipped off to take care of some last-minute details.


Wedding reception in a beautiful townhouse with a view over Paris


Our lovely couple had some (very) specific requests for their reception venue. It had to:

  • Be in Paris. The couple wanted their guests to be able to enjoy a drink and head home in a taxi, so it needed to be a venue that was easily accessible
  • Have a big garden so as to make the most of the beautiful weather (that we had ordered well in advance!)
  • Be a quiet location with some privacy
  • Fit within their budget (not always easy for a venue in the heart of Paris)


It was a big ask, but we rose to the challenge! Our grooms made their choice from our selection, opting almost immediately for this beautiful townhouse, a little outside of Paris but easily accessible by public transport and taxi.

Our townhouse had the most incredible view over Paris and the Eiffel Tower, and was hidden in the midst of a magnificent garden.

White walls and blue shutters housed beautiful olde worlde rooms, complete with gold-trimmed armchairs. A few paintings, flowers, and a reception room with round white tables with delicate floral centrepieces completed the picture.

That morning before the ceremony, the Ceremonize team had visited the venue to put their groom’s chosen decorations in place, including an origami garland made by one of the witnesses.

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parisian same sex wedding

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Just before the cocktail reception, a young group of musicians did their final tune-ups as we made our last adjustments to the decorations. Everything was just right, so the evening could begin!


A few moments before the guests arrived, we came across R and N settled in one of the venue’s most beautiful rooms. Royal blue armchairs, mirrors, a shining chandelier…Their photographer had picked the spot as the perfect place to take some couple photos. Excited about the reception they had in store, our grooms were ready to welcome their guests.

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The cocktail reception opened to the tune of live music. The guests all arrived on time (some were even early!) which gave everyone enough time to discover the venue, its rooms, and the gorgeous gardens. Only the reception room stayed hidden, split off from the rest of the house by two huge red curtains. The guests took time to sample the Candy Bar, visit the wedding urn, and write a few words in the guest book. Once again, everything was carried out with style and humour. But don’t take our word for it – better to let the pictures do the talking.


As the cocktail reception drew to a close, guests enjoyed one last song by the band’s female vocalist…but then, wait! “Encore” cried the guests, so the band played one more song! After everyone had thanked the band, the reception room finally opened its doors. The evening sparkled with conversation, a few surprise skits, laughter and smiles, a cocktail dinner, the surprise flash mob, a Carioca-style first dance, and a few special minutes spent watching the Saint-Cloud fireworks as they glittered in the distance…

Ceremonize doesn’t do anything by halves!

We wish R and N every happiness in their life together.


Photo Credit: Ceremonize Wedding Planner

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