6 Alternatives for your non-traditional Parisian wedding

Thankfully, there’s more than one way to celebrate a Wedding.  It’s trendy to just do whatever you want. Last-minute weddings are so unexpected and spontaneous. And there are so many ways to make this moment extraordinary. Let’s discover how, with our six tips to celebrate your wedding in Paris with a non-traditional approach.

I)     Elope with just your kids

If happiness lay in simply being with your family on the happiest day of your life. Blended families will unite with the extra joy that children bring. They will be your main witnesses. Their help will be invaluable in all the wedding preparations. Whether it’s choosing your wedding dress, or even writing the vows, they will help to make this moment an exceptional one.

In this photo we see a father and a daughter on the wedding day
Planning : Ceremonize – Photo : Ludovic Ismael


II)   Dare a coloured wedding dress

Vibrant colours for your wedding dress!  Would you dare? And why not? There’s no reason why you can’t look elegant in a peach, pink or burgundy dress. This is your day, if you even want to wear a lovely jumpsuit that you feel comfortable in, then do it! More than ever, the colours are in the spotlight, so dare to see life in pink in the Capital of love for your wedding day.

On this picture, we can see a splendid bride wearing a pink wedding dres
Planning : Ceremonize – Photo : Ludovic Ismael


III)  Organise a picnic instead of a formal meal

A wedding ceremony followed by a tasty country picnic, nothing like it for all those who love minimalist weddings. Simplicity in the most beautiful things: a duvet, a lovingly made meal, or a bohemian-inspired meal in a field or a French flower garden. Ideal for the mild summer and autumn evenings, this format will be perfect for guests who have that little bit of chill and festivity. Of course, it’s suitable for small weddings of less than 15 people.


IV)   Why celebrate only one day?

A one day wedding goes so fast! Just think about the idea of celebrating it during 2 or 3 days, to have time to enjoy the moment and your guests. It is not uncommon for brides and grooms to have to move from guest to guest and not have enough time for themselves or their loved ones. As it spans several days, it requires the coordination of experts in festive weddings to ensure that the wedding is breathtaking. But it’s so worthy, and you’ll leave an unforgettable experience.


V)   Try a week-day wedding ceremony in Paris

The wedding season is more buoyant than ever during the spring and summer week-ends here in Paris. These happy events can sometimes make booking a Saturday night a challenge. After all, it’s all about organisation. If you don’t care about conventions, then let yourself be tempted by a weekday wedding. Less expensive than weekend weddings, the venue could be even more exceptional.

What do you think about that idea?


VII)       Choose your favourite elopement spot in Paris

If you want to fly to a romantic destination and enjoy the great outdoors on the arm of your fiancé(e). Go There’s nothing like the Paris love affair. Many couples choose to combine business with pleasure by celebrating their honeymoon and wedding in one unforgettable trip.

On this picture, a groom is hugging his fiance in front of a Parisian carousel
Planning : Ceremonize – Photo : Elena Usacheva


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